Church Gate 2



Rain-e-Days was approached by the church to provide a gate that would be suitable for persons of limited mobility, and to provide a matching side panel to replace the small section of existing chain-link fence.

Church Gate 2

Rather than make a new gate, we used the original gate and inserted a new section in the middle. This widened the opening and enabled the cross to be inserted as a focal point.

The public right of way through the church grounds takes people past the gate, and the cross reminds people to respect the space and to visit the church whenever they want.

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We were approached to provide a circular support for a giant Cardoon that had gone native, due to the unavailability of anything suitable on the market that size. The frame ended up 1000mm in diameter and 1600mm high. Unfortunately, it has outgrown this one and we are in the process of determining how large the next one needs to be so to hold up and constrain the plant for the next growing season. 


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Rather than throwing household items away, we recycle them whenever possible to make ideal garden furniture.


For example, we used a toughened glass door from a flatpack kit to make a table top for the garden; the local recycling centre accepts bottles but not glass doors. Made to suit the size of the furniture, the glass has made a perfect all-weather addition to the garden.

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