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Paler Than Sorrel

Moonlight touches indigo,

As I create you once again in

This space, a swathe of cool air

Somewhere between night's breath

And the golden light of dawn...


Naivety wanders through rush-light,

A whisper waiting on a wilderness edge,

A green-eyed moon

Burning hours, like thin fire,

Curves my flesh...yet I am paler than sorrel…


An esoteric beauty, seducing immortal;

A litany of rose colour jewels

Surging, softly spreading

Like feathers, trailing your skin

Breaching the passage of hunger...

I lay upon fevered enchantment

Spilled in murmurs, wrapped and trembling

In the worship of your hands,

Tongue and lips

Whispering passion alive

Melting your flesh to quiver...


I taste the wild honey, captured by

Lips that ache with silent cries,

The sleepless dust, a crystalline prism,

Suspended upon dark velvet

Following the ghost of US.......


I prepare my body for the ultimate

Sacrifice drawing me into love

As I make peace with myself…preparing this shell, that it may

accurately reflect my soul…preparing my soul that

it may accurately reflect the love of yours…for we

are all love lover and beloved.

© Janette July 2012


This is an individual piece handmade from mild steel finished in a bronze powder coat.  The dimension of the finished sculpture is approximately 450mm wide and with a depth of 75mm with an overall height of approximately 1800mm. The sculpture is presented on a natural slate base. 

The piece is named, signed and numbered.



​Each piece is individually designed and handmade, which allows for the integration of customer-inspired variations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.  


 Price £2400.00

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