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Serpentine (2023)

The Serpent is often associated with misfortune or distrust with reference back to the old testament but in many cultures the snake is viewed as symbols of healing and protection which is why the image is often used within the medical logos.

The sculpture was inspired by the serpentine shape commonly featured across East Anglia in garden wall design, and the reason for building the walls in this shape was for protection, not for ourselves but for the fruit trees and bushes where the wall would catch the sun maintaining the heat but in inclement weather the plants and trees were protected by the enclosure the shape offers.

The sculpture approximately 1600 mm high and made from mild steel finished with a lacquer and supported on a 400 x 400 plinth.


The  piece is handmade from mild steel,and is a one off example.  The sculpture is available on this plinth or an alternative plinth can be commissioned . 

Price £2750

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