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Remembrance (2023)

At the time I was thinking about death grief and remembrance and was thinking about who we grieve for, most faiths (and am not an expert, in fact am agnostic) maintain that if a person has led a good and faithful life, when they die, they go to a better place (Heaven, Valhalla, Garden of Bliss, and Rebirth) so should we not celebrate their passing?

So why do we grieve for them from experience it is the opposite we mourn their loss, so do we grieve for them or ourselves?

Is it more the latter we are saddened by our loss, when we lose someone close there is a gap in our lives. Sometime feeling of being alienated as others are not feeling the same sense of loss, so how do we accept how we feel without feeling angry, guilty or selfish.

Inspired by the Vailed Lady Mushroom the aim of the sculpture is to bring awareness to how people left behind are feeling, to accept their grief and see if we are in a position to provide some support.

Emma is a limited edition piece restricted to ten pieces.


The  piece is handmade from mild steel, and is a one off example.  

Price £4500.00

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