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Network was inspired by the patterns in Printed Circuit Boards and reflects the impact this relatively new, but ever-advancing technology has on everyday life.

Maintaining contact with friends and family, and allowing for remote working (especially in the last 18 months), is a positive demonstration of our reliance on technology. However, this piece has a mixed raw and semi-oxidized finish, to emphasize how the speed of technological progression causes new developments to soon become obsolete, either through the advancement of science or our desire for the latest upgrade. Network’s finish demonstrates the impact this has on the environment.  


Each piece is handmade from mild steel which ensures that each one is unique. The dimension of the finished sculpture is 400mm wide with an overall height of approximately 1450mm. The sculpture is presented on a 500mm x 300mm steel base. 

Each piece is named, signed, and numbered.

All the pieces are designed to be weather resistant, allowing for outside display throughout the year.


Each piece is individually designed and handmade, which allows for the integration of customer-inspired variations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Price £1150.00

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