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Memories (2023)

 The piece represents the three phases of life, childhood, adolescence and adult hood and how we associate time with memories. As children we are learning at the exponential rate, our memories are sharp and focused, adolescence we start to prioritise and some memories slowly fade, and as we progress through adulthood so the day-to-day activities are lost due to the repetitive nature of our daily lives and only significant events are held, slowly as we age more is lost until only the major events are retained.

For me the impact of the past 3 years was the cessation of family events and find I now struggle to associate what we did with time. It only now as we return to a new normal that the time/activity association is returning, it almost feels like I am starting again.

This piece was made specifically for the 2023 Raveningham Sculpture Trail.


The  piece is handmade from mild steel, and is a one off example.  

Price £5000

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