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Harmony 002.jpg

Harmony 002  

The inspiration behind Harmony is a reflection on our need to balance our inner spirit and ego.

Many faiths tell of two forces within us that pull in opposite directions. Our spirit allows our expressive and creative side to explore and experience the world about us using inner intuition. This enables us to reach our full potential and feel fulfilled. The opposite force is our ego; there to protect the body. This is the practical side that maintains control and distracts us from our spirit.


Each piece is handmade from mild steel which ensures that each one is unique. The finished sculpture is 500mm wide with an overall height of approximately 1100mm. The sculpture is presented on a 150mm steel channel base. Each piece is named, signed, and numbered.

All the pieces are designed to be weather resistant, allowing for outside display throughout the year.


Each piece is individually designed and handmade, which allows for the integration of customer-inspired variations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.  

Price £950.00

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