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Cherish 001.jpg

Cherish 001 

As I have aged, my personal awareness of anxiety has increased, and I have begun to appreciate the influence it has on our wellbeing. I have discovered it is not the big events that are problematic. Rather, what appear as insignificant events at the time, then manifest and replay in our minds until the struggle to move beyond them becomes harder than the events themselves.

This has inspired the series of 4 sculptures that embody the need to keep alive our most precious memories, hopes, and ambitions, and to recall and use them to counter and control our insecurities.

We use our hands to nurture, care and protect ourselves and others. The sculptures use this metaphor to symbolise hands protecting the mind, which are also there when required to receive encouragement back into our lives.


Each piece is handmade from mild steel which ensures that each one is unique. The finished sculpture is 450mm wide and 200mm deep. The overall height is approximately 1200mm, presented on a 260 x 520mm natural slate base. The sculpture is made of mild steel with a lacquer coating to delay the oxidization process, allowing the piece to mellow with age. Each piece is named, signed, and numbered.

All the pieces are designed to be weather resistant, allowing for outside display throughout the year.


Each piece is individually designed and handmade, which allows for the integration of customer-inspired variations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.  

Price £950.00

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