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Alliums are associated with love and good fortune, but most importantly, Allium symbolises the three virtues of humility, patience, and unity.

Allium is an interpretation of the life cycle of a natural plant. When in flower, allium heads are a solid sphere of colour, but as the plant dies back the structure starts to become apparent.

The Sculpture attempts to capture both two stages of this life cycle; the larger spheres represent the flower, and the smaller spheres are a reflection on what remains.

Allium is the second sculpture in the series inspired by the natural environment.


Each piece is handmade from mild steel which ensures that each one is unique. The flower head has a diameter of 450mm, supported on a 1200mm stem, making the overall height of the finished sculpture approximately 1600mm. The sculpture is presented on a 400 x 600mm natural stone base. The sculpture is made of mild steel with a lacquer coating to delay the oxidization process allowing the piece to mellow with age. Each piece is named, signed, and numbered.

All the pieces are designed to be weather resistant, allowing for outside display throughout the year.


Each piece is individually designed and handmade, which allows for the integration of customer-inspired variations. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.  

Price £2400

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