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The inspiration behind the company came when we finally established that we are not gardeners.



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Let your garden thrive even if sunlight and soil are a problem.

Does your garden face the wrong way for direct sunlight? Is your soil not friendly for growing the diverse richness of planting that you want?  

Guess what! We have the same problem and we’ve solved it. 

We’re not gardeners but we’re passionate about wanting a garden in which wildlife flourishes and that inspires us to spend more time outdoors. We realised we could make better use of our outdoor space, just not all at ground level. That’s when we realised the answer was a range of garden planting ideas that could be hung or suspended from walls, posts and other structures. 

And that’s when we started Rain E Days to manufacture hanging solutions for your garden. We saw a resurgence of insects and other wildlife back to the garden after we planted a mixture of flowers and herbs. Our products are designed to last with minimal maintenance. 

The feedback and enquiries for our customers has led us to design and develop other garden products and we are passionate to support our clients and find solutions where we able to their problems.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas.

Tell us what you’d really love in your garden and we’ll help you to make it happen.


Rain-E-Days Ltd is proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copyright in Design). All Rain-E-Days Ltd designs are supported by ACID through their Copyright & Design Databank and ACID Marketplace.
ACID is a membership trade organisation, committed to raising awareness & encouraging respect for IP within individual & corporate responsibility. By helping its members to understand and protect their rights, ACID is intent on stamping out intellectual property rights abuse.


“Thank you for the fantastic work that you carried out on the church gate and fence. The quality of the refurbishment and adaptation of the gate is superb and the new fence fits in perfectly, in particularly the appropriateness of the cross details.”

Revd Paul Graham – Clare Baptist Church

—  Name, Title


Affordable Quality

Your plant hangers will all be manufactured from mild steel, and generally cut, rolled and formed by hand using a variety of tools in the workshop.

The metal is riveted or welded, depending on the application, to provide strong products that last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

All products are delivered with appropriate fixings suitable for brickwork, dense blockwork and wood.


We’re always happy to advise on the best fixings into other materials, so contact us if you need to know anything.


Rain-E-Days continue to develop more ideas and are currently developing a range 
Supports for climbing plant.
Upcycling metal work into our range of plant systems
Christmas wreaths 
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All Rain-E-Days products are manufactured at our workshop in Sudbury, no part of our enterprise is manufactured overseas. The business ethos is to promote and support businesses in the UK and therefore where we are able we source tools, and materials from manufacturers based on the UK.  

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Rain-E-Days Ltd are committed to support the economic base of our local community. We are committed to use local companies based in and around Sudbury where we are able for the supply of our tools, materials, and finishes. This does not always mean we are able to procure at the most advantageous prices, but it does go to strengthening the economic base of our whole community.


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